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What people say About Us

What I liked about Yoga and Health classes

I liked the community offered and the sharing of fellowship during the class.

This class made me feel peaceful, strong and flexible.  

In this class, there was a gentle ebb and flow between the instructors. I felt a peaceful and tranquil fellowship with the others joined there.

Compared to other classes, this one was more gentle and therapeutic,less competitive.

This class felt focused, helpful and safe.

 Compared to other yoga classes, this one was much calmer, gentler, more loving.

What I liked about Cindy's classes

Cindy is so much more than a great yoga teacher. I am reminded of all the basics of good postures and poses, but also inspired to be a better mother and teacher.

I appreciated how much the instructor worked to help with the proper positioning of all of the poses and her attention to every individual's personal needs and comfort. 

I liked the RN (registered nurse) perspective of the poses.

I never thought I could get back my body and movement in it, but Cindy makes it so easy and enjoyable.

Compared to other classes, the movement was slower with more attention to details and anatomy.

Cindy crafts a relaxing experience, and helped take down some barriers to listening to my self. Great hip and spine work!

Compared to other classes this one was more useful in developing a starting foundation of a good yoga practice.

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