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Full Moon Yoga Celebration

Summer and Fall 2023 Dates and Times
Saturday June 3rd from 7 to 9 pm
Tuesday August 29th from 7 to 9 pm 
Saturday October 28th from 6 to 8


A Healing Practice of Breath, Meditation, Sound and Movement

The Yoga Tradition is deeply connected to the rhythms of nature. One of the aspects of hatha yoga is its capacity to balance Sun and Moon energies. The power of the full moon is so strong that there are birds that sing and corals that spawn only on the occasion of a full moon. You may feel more extroverted, or physically and mentally energized, in the days surrounding a full moon. It is a great time to celebrate in a communal experience of the ancient healing practices of classical yoga. 

Beginners are welcome. 
The practice may include breath work (pranayama), meditative movements performed standing, sitting, lying on the belly &/or on the back (yoga-asana), and therapeutic relaxation (yoga nidra). 

Please arrive early so that you are on your mat and ready to begin on time.

Home made chai tea will be served afterwards.

Women's Intuitive Flow
with Cindy Rollin von Miller
RN, BSN, E-RYT 500

Every Tuesday Morning from 9 to 10:30

We set intention by asking How do I feel? and What do I need? And then Cindy leads the group into an experience of co-creating the practice that we all need. A commitment to weekly attendance is encouraged so that you have the opportunity and support to meet and learn from you inner guru!

Cindy has been practicing Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation since 1981.
She utilizes her knowledge of nursing science as a foundation for understanding the teachings of Classical Yoga and Ayurveda. These technologies of ancient wisdom teach us how to discover our true Self and to live in harmony with natural world.
With practice and support, we restore the mind to its natural unity with heart and body. The parts become whole. Sorrow unites with joy. Suffering becomes surrender.  We just show up as we are, and together, we will co-create a practice that nourishes us all. At the level of the heart, all is made whole.
We become Radical Well-Being!

Suggested donation:

$15 per class or $40 per month.
Please bring cash, check or pay via the donate button before you get to the property. Secure online payment provided by Square Up. 

A few helpful details:

The Dharma Ranch is located at 822 Valley View West San Marcos Texas, internet coverage is spotty at best - please attend to payment where you have reliable service.

Plan to arrive 10 minutes early so that you have time to enjoy the walk up the wooded trail to the yurt and be settled on your mat so that we can begin on time.
You will find the trail in the second parking area on the left as you come up the driveway through the gate.
We have yoga mats and props so you do not need to bring anything. 

Dress in layers so that you can maintain a comfortable body temperature. 

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