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Yoga and Health is a 501C3 not for profit organization.
Your donation makes it possible for Yoga and Health
to educate and empower people to make lifestyle choices that lead to radical well being. 



To improve the health of individuals, families, groups and the community by providing donation-based community yoga and health education in an environment of learning that is conducive to a multicultural and multigenerational population.




RESPECT for the divinity in all of creation.


COMPASSION towards one’s self and others.


HONESTY in thought, words and deeds.




HEALTH is a process of becoming aware of the reality of wholeness and the integration of body, mind and spirit.


HUMAN PERSON is created in the image and likeness of Divinity, the One Consciousness that is the Source of All. The purpose of human life is to grow from one’s humanity into one’s divinity.  As we grow into our divinity, we become aware of the interconnectedness of all life.


COMMUNITY is a place where we experience our wholeness by embracing reverence and love for all.


LEARNING is a lifelong process that occurs on multiple levels: intellectual, emotional, social, and experiential.  It is through a supportive process of Education, that the human person is able to make choices that that lead towards health or wholeness, and the expression of one’s deepest authenticity.


ENVIRONMENT is everything that surrounds an individual or group. It has characteristics that are physical, social, psychological, cultural and spiritual. It includes animate and inanimate things, seen and unseen vibrations and frequencies, climate, and energy patterns. The external planetary environment is intrinsically connected to the internal human environment which consists of organ systems, cells, hormones and inner thought processes. Through the interconnectedness of all life, there is opportunity to positively affect both internal and external environment.

Cindy in Audubon Park, Uptown New Orleans

Cindy Rollin von Miller RN, BSN, E-RYT 500
Founder and Executive Director

My formal practice of classical yoga began in1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the same year I enrolled in Nursing School. The concentrative technologies of yoga are the tools that I required to excel as an Emergency/Critical care nurse. Later in life the practices kept me grounded and connected to my authenticity, despite the many ways culture and society tried to bury it deep beneath limited expectations of what it means to be woman-nurse-wife-mother.
My lifelong mission is to bring the gift of yoga into the world especially to those most in need. 
With the help of a beautiful community of friends, we are doing just that!

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