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Moving on Mondays

Often when I am home alone with music playing, I lose myself in the moment and break out in dance. It does not take long for the ego (conditioned by past experience) to break in and let me know clearly that I do not know what I am doing; that I look silly; or some other script from early negative programming.

Attending a dance class has always been on my to do list, but has rarely actually made it's way onto my calendar. With all that being said, I am incredibly grateful that my dear friend and co-conspirator  LeAnne Smith accepted my invitation to lead us via Zoom as we explore movement from a dance perspective. 

LeAnne Smith is a Professor of Dance at Texas State University where she has been a faculty member since 1983. Directing the program for 13 years, she is delighted to be back to full time teaching. She serves as the Artistic Director for Opening Door Dance Theatre, founded with Karen Earl and Sandy Rodriquez in 1984. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, LeAnne has danced the works of Erick Hawkins, Wendy Hambidge, Louis Kavouras, Michelle Nance, and Shay Ishii, among others. Her choreography has been presented throughout the United States, San Jose/Costa Rica, Edinburgh/Scotland, Giessen/Germany, Paris/France, and Athens/Greece. Somatic Studies are a vital part of LeAnne’s ongoing practical research, especially in the field of Body Mind Centering™. A recipient of the Texas State Presidential Award for Scholarly/Creative Activities, LeAnne recently served on the Academic Course Guide Manual Committee for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. LeAnne continues to choreograph and perform as a member of Shay Ishii Dance Company, and  in collaboration with the Erick Hawkins Dance Foundation, works to maintain the Hawkins’ archives as a founding member of Hawkins West. 

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I look forward to our journey together.  This class will evolve as we work together, and will be formatted for smaller spaces and various surfaces.  I highly recommend a padded mat for the floor work.  Footwear will depend upon your flooring and we can discuss at the beginning of the first-class day. Wear comfortable clothing and have hair out of your face.  I suggest limiting jewelry, especially watches, bracelets, and longer necklaces.


Please know that you do not need a dance background for this class.  Also, there are ways to modify the movement we will explore in order to address the needs of individuals.  I will happily help you with any such modifications.


Let’s Dance!

This is an ongoing class and you are welcome to join at any time. Each week we review what we learned previously and add to it. LeAnne provides excellent and body sensitive instruction. Please let us know if you need any modifications due to mobility challenges. 

To register please click  

and complete the form.

You can expect to receive the link within 24 hours, so plan ahead! The link will be the same each week.

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