Mindful and Compassionate Self Care Group

 time and start date to be determined

I learned from a very early age that in order to care for others, I must first learn to care for myself.

I started practicing yoga the same year I entered nursing school. This was no coincidence. After 38 years as a professional nurse, most of it in high stress environments, I know that the practices of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda have served me well. I would love to share my experience, and the practices that have sustained me all of these long years. I'd love to hear about your struggles and strategies as well.

I am in the process of developing this twice monthly zoom gathering. I have several books in mind to support our journey together. Our practices will include journaling, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda (healthy lifestyle) suggestions. Most importantly, I desire to create a safe space so that we can support one another. If you think you may be interested, please connect with me using the link below. Let me know what day of the week and time of day would work best for you, and any questions or suggestions you may have. 

Thanks! Message sent.